We offer a colorful show of song and dance for young and old with life-size fairy tale characters, dancers, and an animator to fire up the crowd. The scope of the show varies depending on the package booked. In addition to stage shows, we also offer programs at eye level for children and entertain the little ones at birthday parties, weddings and on other events.

At the center of the Show are great life-sized foam costumes
In addition to the artistic and theatrical performance, playing with the senses is our trademark. The show is accompanied by sounds and music from our DJ, the attributes used are of high quality and definitely colorful. Eyes and ears will be captivated.

The stage is decorated with balloons, confetti cannons bubble machine and more. The animator involves the audience to movement, games and nursery rhymes. She is accompanied by dancers and dressed doll Theater and comedy routines are made colorfull.

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