Our team consists of several children’s animators from various fields. With theater, songs, dances and clowns, we offer all kinds of fun!
The fact that we have our own equipment will minimize your own effort a big deal!

What we offer:


We have been previously described as a mobile “Disneyland” -a fitting image – we mean! The equipment for the feast, as professional music equipment, game props, costumes for the children and for us we bring their own. The show begins and lasts depending on the desired package.
The Chair may, as desired in German, English or Spanish Russian carried.

Who we bring:
dolls dressed in costumes animators (your choice)
1 DJ
According to the costumer’s wish, the moderation can be offered in German, Spanish, English

What we bring:
We provide our own equipment:
Professional Stereo
wireless microphone
Light effects (laser)
Bubble Machine
Costumes for children
Children’s Songs
Children dance routine
confetti Cannon
Snow spray, whistles.

There are no transport fees inside the A-B zone in Berlin.

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